After more than a year of delays, the Eat in Colour campaign is finally getting off the ground.

The generic promotion for the fruit and veg sector will take its first steps into the public domain on 1 January, with the launch of The site will provide advice on buying, preparing and serving almost every sort of fruit and vegetables, chairman Anthony Levy said.

"The campaign is about helping people realise the pleasure they can get from fruit and vegetables."

Levy, who was appointed in October, said they were going for the tone of a "friendly uncle" for the campaign. Eat in Colour will focus on the visual and gastronomic pleasure that comes from cooking with fruit and vegetables, rather than nutritional benefits. "The five-a-day campaign is about what we ought to eat - this is about why we'd want to eat it."

As well as debunking myths about the cost and complexity of many fruit and vegetables, the web site will vary its content to keep shoppers interested. Featured items will change according to whether they're in season - from the consumer's perspective, not the grower's.

"It is aimed at the whole produce market. The question of whether it's UK sourced or from overseas isn't an issue for us - we just want to get people eating more."

But the £200,000 budget raised for the 2006/07 campaign will not allow organisers to buy any direct advertising. They are relying instead on coverage in the health, food and women's pages of magazines and newspapers.

It also rules out any point-of-sale material at first, although Levy said he would love to see the Eat in Colour logo on produce fixtures in store.

"In the short term, nothing is planned for PoS, but we hope that other retailers will want to pick it up in their own way. When we move into year two, I'd hope to see far more close work with the stores."