Tom Daley egg ad

Source: BEIC 

Diving star Tom Daley is fronting the BEIC’s ‘WonderEgg’ ad campaign, focused on millennials

Retail sales volumes of fresh eggs have risen by more than 50% since 2008, latest data from the British Egg Industry Council has revealed.

Sales volumes climbed by 3.4% last year to a total of 6.6 billion eggs sold [Kantar 52 w/e 29 December 2019]. This equated to an additional 220 million eggs sold last year, said the BEIC. Value sales also grew, by 2.5% to about £942m.

Egg sales were now in their 13th year of growth, and had been further boosted by the FSA’s decision in 2016 to class British Lion-accredited eggs as safe to be consumed while runny, or even raw by all consumers – including those classed as vulnerable groups.

“With the nutritional benefits of eggs helping sales to skyrocket in line with the trend for healthy eating and meat reduction, all consumer demographics are buying more eggs,” added the trade body.

However, growth was primarily being driven by shoppers aged 18 to 44, who ate an average of 249 eggs per household in 2019, up 61% since 2008. Growth from shoppers with larger households with children was also a continuing trend and showed families remained crucial to volume growth, it said.

The sales growth seen over the past 13 years was “phenomenal” for an established market with such high penetration, said BEIC chairman Andrew Joret.

“Eggs are now much more than a staple fridge item for all consumers as they seek healthy meal solutions. Sales have remained positive this year too, with the latest four-week volume and value figures showing growth of 4.8% and 1.4%, respectively,” he pointed out.

“Consumer confidence in eggs is strong, bolstered by the FSA advice that runny eggs are safe for vulnerable groups, so long as they are Lion. We have high expectations for the year ahead, driven by our £1m marketing campaign [fronted by diving star Tom Daley] which will continue to deliver the health, safety, taste and convenience messaging that makes eggs so appealing to consumers across the nation.’’ 

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