The Bread and Butter Thing Grocer Gold

Source: The Grocer

The Bread & Butter Thing CEO Mark Game (left) with Worldwide Fruit’s logistics manager Robert King

Winner: The Bread & Butter Thing & Worldwide Fruit - A Fruitful Partnership

In 2021, The Bread & Butter Thing (TBBT) teamed up with Worldwide Fruit, a world-leading fruit distributor, to rescue edible surplus fruit that was previously going to waste.

TBBT is a charity offering discounted food to low-income households, and fruit & veg is an essential part of its offer. Many low-income families struggle to access quality fruit & veg either due to cost or lack of supply so when TBBT realised Worldwide Fruit’s surplus stock was exactly the food it needed, a dream partnership was born.

The partnership sees produce sent to TBBT’s 56 hubs across the north of England with over 251 tonnes of fruit redistributed so far. Not only do TBBT’s members benefit from the diverse range of fruit & veg, but Worldwide Fruit’s redistribution rate is up 30% and it has saved over £7,000 in haulier fees by not having to take the fruit to another destination.


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