Publication date: 12 September

Submissions deadline: 24 July

Contact: Nick Hughes (

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The UK continental cheese market is in good shape, with value sales and volumes up. What is driving this growth as other dairy markets, particularly cheddar, continue to struggle? To what extent is the market being impacted by the rise of the discounters? How is the dynamic between brands and own label changing? And what kinds of cheese are in strongest growth? Are any in decline?

The discounters: Aldi and Lidl are enjoying the strongest growth by far, with category growth exceeding their overall rate of growth in grocery; all the big four have seen value sales fall in the past year. How have the discounters’ ranges changed in the past year? How do they compare with the mainstream retailers’ ranges in terms of price and products on offer? What are the mults doing to fight back?

Own label v brands: Continental cheese brands are in steep decline as own label enjoys strong growth. This feature will pay close attention to the factors driving this, exploring the price difference between brands and own label, the impact of the more own label reliant discounters are having on this area and what brands are doing to fight own label.

Types of cheese: Another focus will be the types of cheese people have been buying in the past year and the factors driving changes in consumption. Why is Edam, Gruyere and Manchego down while Brie, Mozzarella and Camembert are up?

Quotas & wider market: what, if any, impact has the removal of EU milk quotas had on Continental cheese so far?. Given the surplus of milk, a lot of cheese has become very cheap – how is this affecting the Continental market? What are brands doing to avoid being undercut by opportunistic own label or tertiary brands? And how has the Greek crisis affected cheese supplies from the country into the UK?

Box out:

4 x innovations: This feature will include a separate panel profiling four of the most interesting launches in this sector from the past year, quoting rsp and stockists plus a pack shot to accompany each.