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Focus On: Bread & Baked Goods by Vince Bamford

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Publishing: 8 May 2021

Advertising deadline: 23 April

Submissions deadline: 16 April

The Story

Breadwinners of the future: The future of bread is taking shape. Over the last year, Brits’ spend on bread and baked goods grew 11.2% reaching almost £4.5bn. How will this play out over the year in terms of sales and shopper habits as Brits start venturing out again? To what extent is new technology shaping NPD in the category? What will bread be like in the future?

Key themes

Occasions: The category’s fastest-growing sectors are meal accompaniments (up 42%) and treat breakfasts (up 26.3%), according to Kantar. Stuck-at-home Brits have been breakfasting on everything from waffles to crepes - will this continue and how will more indulgent lines fare once HFSS regulations kick in? Meanwhile naan breads and focaccia have been showing up at the dinner table. Which brands and flavours have done best and what opportunities are there for others to cash in?

Smart bread: Brands launched 224 NPDs over the last year which generated £64.5m for the category. Is functional bread the next big thing for NPD? How are advances in technology driving this?

Instore bakery: The instore bakery has been shunned by shoppers worried about hygiene risks during the pandemic, resulting in retailers stripping back their offering. Has Covid killed off the instore bakery or is it fighting back?

Innovations: We will profile 4 new products or ranges that have ideally not appeared in The Grocer before. We need launch date, rsp, and a hi-res picture of each