Energy drink Red Bull

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Focus On: Energy Drinks by Daniel Selwood

Publishing: 13 June

Advertising deadline: 6 June

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Submissions deadline: 29 May

The story

Quarantine fatigue is real. Social media is awash with locked-down people complaining they feel more tired than usual. How can energy brands help housebound Brits feel lively again? Long gone are the days in which products were firmly targeted at (male) fans of gaming, extreme sports and rock music. Now there is something for everyone, and for a growing number of occasions. Which gives the ever-expanding category a huge opportunity to service the needs for weary shut-ins. So, what are brands doing, and why?

Key themes

Needs: what do Brits want from energy drinks while in lockdown? Do they want a fatigue-blasting buzz? Or are they after a more mellow lift? Are their needs physical or mental? Who are the main types of people wanting energy drinks? How are brands satisfying such needs?

Diets: free-from, low-sugar, protein and more are all common dietary needs nowadays? How are suppliers cashing in on them through innovation and marketing?

Flavours & formats: with punters’ palates getting ever more sophisticated, what are the trendiest flavours these days. And which formats are performing best right now given the lack of demand for on-the-go options?

Occasions: energy isn’t now just to fuel people during a late night or early morning. It’s seeking to serve other times of the day. Such as? How? And who’s doing it best?

Pepsi: after Coke made a big energy play last year, its main rival Pepsi has now entered the market. How is this further disruption by a mega-supplier likely to play out? Will it see smaller brands damaged, or the market expanded?

Children: how have sales been affected by retailers’ voluntary decision to no longer sell energy drinks to kids?

Kantar data: using Kantar commentary, we explain the reasons behind the rise and fall of energy sub categories

Nielsen: using Nielsen commentary, we explain how the top 10 energy brands are faring?

Innovations: we identify four new products that have ideally not appeared in The Grocer before including launch date and rsp, and a picture of each.