Source: Unsplash/Dimitri Karastelev

By Maria Goncalves Maria.Goncalves@thegrocer.co.uk 

Publishing: 3 June 2023
Advertising deadline: 23 May 2023
Submissions deadline: 16 May 2023

If shoppers haven’t had it hard enough this past year, it’s just been revealed that they can expect two years of price hikes and shortages for olive oil. These have lately become pricier in the big four supermarkets, and brands warn that shoppers are being put off at the shelves. It follows the turmoil in sunflower markets caused by the Ukraine war last year, as well as reductions in home cooking that sent the market into a slump. So, what disruption to edible oils can we expect in the coming year? Which types of oil are likely to be hardest hit? And how can we expect retailers to adjust their ranges and tiering accordingly?

Price rises: With olive oil prices expected to soar in the next two years, how is the market being disrupted? And what measures are supplier taking to mitigate the problems?

Oil types: Last year’s disruption to sunflower supplies saw many switching to alternative oils to compensate. How can we expect the mix to change this time round?

Ranging: How are retailers changing their ranges amid the cost-of-living crisis and the supply disruption? Which brands are gaining space and distribution? What’s going on in own label?

Home cooking: How are shoppers’ cooking habits during the cost-of-living crisis affecting edible oils? How are suppliers and retailers adjusting their strategies?

Dipping oils: How are oils intended for dipping faring during the cost-of-living crisis? What cues are proving selling points with consumers? And how are retailers working to educate Brits about the sub-category?

Innovations: We will profile 4 new products or ranges that have ideally not appeared in The Grocer before. We need launch date, rsp, and a hi-res picture of each