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Focus On Sports Nutrition by Rob Brown

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Publishing: 21 September

Advertising deadline: 11 September

Submissions deadline: 4 September


The Story

The old guard is suffering in sports nutrition. As the category broadens to become more mainstream, the original pioneers of the category are losing share. Protein shakes are down, as are scientific-looking brands. Taking their place are a host of more modern-looking companies with confectionery-style bars. But don’t write off the founders of sports nutrition just yet. One has broadened out into ready meals and launched snack bars while others have undergone a brand refresh. So can these brands muscle their way back into the top sports nutrition performers? What is their strategy? And what is the secret to success?

Main themes

Protein shakes: Once the darling of the sports nutrition world, the protein shake has suffered another value and volume decline this year. So is it the end of the format? Or can it be revitalised?

Sports nutrition bars: It’s been another stellar year for sports nutrition bars. What is the secret to success in this highly crowded market? And can the established brands grab a slice of the action?

Brand strategy: How are the old guard fighting back? And what can they learn from the rising stars of the sports nutrition world?

Retailers: Asda is just one of the retailers overhauling its sports nutrition lineup. How are their aisles changing? And what does this mean for sports nutrition brands and the future of the category?

Innovations: We identify eight new products or product ranges that have not appeared in The Grocer before including launch date, RSP, and an image of each.

Kantar data: Using Kantar data, we explain the factors behind the rise/fall of different sub-categories within sports nutrition.

Nielsen data: Using Nielsen data, we explain how the top 10 brands are performing.