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Focus On: William Reed Food and Drink Shows by James Halliwell

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Publishing: 6th April

Advertising deadline: 28th March

Submission deadline: 25th March

The Story

How can retailers and brands appease the conscious consumer? Today’s shoppers are increasingly aware of the raft of sustainability issues within the food and drink industry, ranging from plastic packaging and palm oil to food waste and carbon footprint. We take a look at four major events in the food and drink industry, and how they can help keep businesses on the right side of Britain’s growing army of eco-conscious shoppers.

Main Themes

Conscious Consumers: Size doesn’t matter. That’s the position of Richard Fox, who will lead an expert panel discussion on how businesses of any size can address their customer’s eco-worries at this year’s Farm Shop & Deli Show. The panel will provide quick tips on creating a more sustainable store, and how to gain more sales in the process.

Palm Oil: Could palm oil ever be sustainable? And if not, how can it be avoided? This year will provide a host of shows and debates around the ingredient that sparked widespread concerns about deforestation, and the role businesses such as Iceland have played in pushing the anti-palm oil message.

Plastic: In today’s post-Blue Planet II society it’s important for retailers to be on the (plastic free) ball in sustainable merchandising. Convenience Show’s ‘Solving the c-store plastic problem’ will discuss best practice in eco-friendly packaging and selling, as well as potential anti-plastic regulations that could affect the sector in the year ahead.

Packaging alternatives: What are the alternatives to plastic packaging? The Ingredient Show’s ‘Packaging Innovation’ talk will dissect the non-plastic packaging options currently available to manufactures, as well as new and emerging technologies.

Show lowdowns for The Ingredient Show, The Forecourt Show, Farm Shop & Deli Show and National Convenience Show: The essential information for each show including what, when, where and why attend the talks/panels/events within them.