Ian Wright

Industry leaders warn of Brexit chaos as May's deal flounders Subscription

16 Nov 2018 | By Ian Quinn

FDF said the majority of food and drink business welcomed Theresa May’s proposals

Westminster Parliament

May’s Brexit deal may be doomed – but it’s what the industry needs Subscription

15 Nov 2018 | By Ian Quinn

According to reports, last night’s cabinet meeting saw tears, shouting and almost fisticuffs

Brexit egg webinar image

Robert Hardy joins The Grocer's Brexit webinar panel

15 Nov 2018 | By Ronan Hegarty

Hardy will bring with him over 35 years’ experience in customs, borders and European logistics

tractor farming ploughing field

If it’s crunch time for Brexit, so too for the UK’s farmers Subscription

14 Nov 2018 | By Carina Perkins

There’s still uncertainty abound for fmcg companies as May rallies support for the draft Brexit agreement 

Michael Gove

'Complacent' Defra slammed over Brexit planning

14 Nov 2018 | By Rachel Graham

Defra had been hampered by “excessive secrecy at the centre of government”, said a new Public Accounts Committee report

tulip mince production factory

Stock markets favour retailers – it's producers that'll suffer post-Brexit

14 Nov 2018 | By Steve Francis

UK food producers are taking the Brexit blows while retailer share prices are on the up, says ex-CEO of Tulip Steve Francis

one use shipping

Can AEOs help you dodge port disruption in a no-deal Brexit? Subscription

08 Nov 2018 | By James Halliwell

Looking to avoid post-Brexit port disruption? AEO certification can reportedly ease the flow of trade. So how can companies apply, and is it worth it?

Brexit supply chain

Food trade chaos: the port bracing for a no-deal Brexit Subscription

08 Nov 2018 | By Nick Hughes

Hull would not be able to cope in a no-deal scenario, according to its chief port health officer

manufacture factory

Food companies 'spending millions ahead of no-deal Brexit' Subscription

01 Nov 2018 | By Ian Quinn

FDF report found companies have already started to rack up huge expenses from cancelled orders and stockpiling costs

Tractor farmer farming countryside

Government to intervene in supplier pricing negotiations Subscription

31 Oct 2018 | By Kevin White

It wants to give farmers access to wholesale sales data from processors to strengthen their hand during contract talks, farming minister George Eustice said

greencore workers staff

Industry leaders urge clarity on Brexit EU workers checks Subscription

31 Oct 2018 | By Ian Quinn

Immigration minister Caroline Nokes told MPs the onus would be on companies to carry out checks

Lorry park

Could progress on food waste be decimated by Brexit border queues?

30 Oct 2018 | By Janet Smart

Lorries forced to wait at borders could lead to huge amounts of food waste, says Dr Janet Smart of Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

Sial Paris

Sial trip gives insight into Brexit mindset of British exporters

26 Oct 2018 | By Adam Leyland

New UK exhibitors at the international food and drink show in Paris were down from 60 to 37


Brexit - A Movable Feast: The Grocer to host free webinar

26 Oct 2018 | By Ronan Hegarty

Panel includes ex-Waitrose MD and former trade minister Lord Mark Price


Peers warn of Brexit risk to animal and plant disease management

24 Oct 2018 | By Rachel Graham

A House of Lords report warned a no-deal brexit would leave the UK at risk hundreds of biosecurity risks

Brexit egg webinar image

Buying time for Brexit is an eminently sensible move

19 Oct 2018 | By Adam Leyland

A recent survey for Scala found that 61% are already stockpiling raw materials and/or finished goods, says The Grocer’s editor Adam Leyland

lord mark price one use

Lord Price on how to future-proof your business post-Brexit Subscription

19 Oct 2018 | By Adam Leyland

As the possibility of a no-deal Brexit grows, Mark Price, the former Waitrose MD and ex-minister of trade, offers some predictions and some timely solutions

Wine Bottles

Brexit knocks Broadland Wineries profits despite sales surge Subscription

18 Oct 2018 | By Daniel Woolfson

Director Mark Lansley blamed “losses made on several fixed-term sales contracts signed prior to the referendum”

team meeting

Apprenticeships are the lifeblood of retail post-Brexit

16 Oct 2018 | By Nikki Flanders

The retail sector could be facing a very real skills challenge, says Nikki Flanders of Opus Energy. Time to take action now


M26 'lorry park' plans threaten trade, say industry leaders Subscription

12 Oct 2018 | By Ian Quinn

Yesterday it was revealed the M26 in Kent would be closed every night for almost six weeks



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