Asda has extended its run as cheapest retailer for a third consecutive week with a markedly cheaper basket that its rivals. The retailer romped to victory with its £47.03 basket - a whopping £4.44 less than the second cheapest retailer Morrisons. Almost half this was accounted for by a single item: Hardys Stamp Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon, which was around £2 cheaper at Asda than at Morrisons or Tesco, which increased its price from £3.99 to £5.99 this week. Asda also had the cheapest Cadbury Dairy Milk, rump steak, new potatoes and loose new potatoes, which stayed at 34p a kg unlike Tesco's, which doubled in price to 68p. Like Tesco, it cut the price of Radox bath foam by 27p to £1.00, making it joint cheapest with its rival. Morrisons retained its second place position with a £51.47 basket, despite not making any price cuts. It provided only one item cheaper than any other retailer - pork pies at 99p - 71p less than Asda. Morrisons matched this week's cheapest retailer on 23 of the 33 items on the list. Like Asda, its Andrex toilet roll was markedly cheaper than at its rivals. The anticipated price rise in peas also started to come through this week. Asda, like Morrisons, increased the price of Birds Eye garden peas by 30p, while Tesco and Sainsbury's switched to a smaller 800g bag at £1.69 -20p more than the old 907g bag. Tesco stayed in third place with a £53.20 basket. It raised the price of six items, including Hardys wine, loose new potatoes and free range eggs, which were 26p more expensive this week. Meanwhile, Sainsbury's took fourth having made no price cuts but increased the price of three items, including free-range eggs. It matched Asda on 18 of the 33 items this week. Waitrose beat Somerfield to the fifth position. Its premium pork sausages were one of the cheapest items on the list at £3.29, but it also had 10 of the most expensive items. Somerfield £59.92 basket contained 16 of the most expensive items on the list.