Dragon Butter (South Caenarfon Creameries)
Launched: March 2011
Determined not to waste any cream passing through its dairy, South Caernarfon Creameries invested £250,000 in old-fashioned churns so it could replicate the traditional way of making Welsh butter. Using Welsh milk from farmer members, the butter is higher in salt than other UK butters, a throwback to the days when miners needed a high-salt diet to replace the body salt lost while working underground. With an rsp of £1.29 for a standard 250g block, Dragon Butter is listed in Welsh branches of Tesco, Sainsbury's and Aldi.

Lighter Unsalted (Kerry Foods)
Launched: May 2011
Kerrygold set out to bring "much-needed innovation" to packet butter with Lighter Unsalted (rsp: £1.30). Aimed at the health-conscious, the line contains 25% less fat than standard packet butter and is the company claims the only 'lighter' packet butter in the major multiples. It was launched with a 'Love the Taste or Your Money Back' guarantee.

Clover Lighter 1kg (Dairy Crest)
Launched: June 2011
Dairy Crest believes that people who buy its Clover Lighter love it so much that they want the brand owner to cram as much as possible into a tub. So much so that it's launching a king-size tub. Hitting chillers from last month, the bigger variant will benefit from the £5m support Dairy Crest is giving the Clover brand this year.

Lurpak Sea Salt (Arla)
Launched: January 2011
The first sea salt butter launched by a major player in the UK, the new line is simply a combination of the original unsalted recipe with added sea salt crystals. Brand owner Arla says the aim is to build up the £2m sea salt BSM sub-category [Nielsen 52w/e 24 May 2010]. With 2% sea salt per 200g block, it has no flavourings, colourings, preservatives or additives.

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