Counterfeit bottles of Glen’s Vodka have been on sale in several locations around the UK, the FSA has warned.

The bottles, which were sold by independent retailers in London, the Midlands and north Scotland, can be identified by two mistakes on the labelling. The front label reads “Produced and botteled in Scotland” while the rear label gives the Drinkaware website as “D-RINKAWARE.CO.UK”.

Similar bottles were seized in Luton in December.

“The Food Standards Agency continues to work with enforcement agencies across the UK to stamp out the trade in counterfeit alcohol,” said Geoff Ogle, director of the FSA in Scotland.

Bruce Davidson, business development director at Glen’s owner Loch Lomond Group said: “In this instance, they seem to be focusing on Glen’s, but it’s an industry issue. Many brands are getting counterfeited, including our competitors.”

“We are working constantly with the FSA and the local councils on this,” he added. “Every time we’re alerted we cooperate with them on testing and so forth. As part of our general brand development, we are also updating our brands with bespoke bottles and embossing, which will help consumers clearly identify what is fake and what isn’t.”

According to the Independent, Glen’s Vodka was one of the brands found being produced as part of a major counterfeit vodka operation in Derbyshire last week, which was broken up by police as part of a Europe-wide operation. Officers discovered more than 20,000 empty bottles ready for filling, as well as a complex system to distil antifreeze for use in the counterfeit spirits.

In 2011, a man was convincted of using methylated spirits to formulate counterfeit Glen’s Vodka. Shoppers who consume fake vodka are at risk of blindness and serious illness.