Tesco said this week it was years ahead of its rivals in removing super-strength beer and cider.

It comes as Morrisons claimed to be the first retailer to back the Responsible Can Packaging Pledge, banning any carbonated product with more than four units of alcohol in a single-serve can. It said it “expected other companies to follow suit.”

But Tesco said it too had signed the pledge and had not sold single cans of high-strength beers and ciders for more than two years. “We are also the only retailer to have said we would support government discussions on minimum unit pricing,” a spokesman added.

Among suppliers, only AB InBev has backed the pledge, agreeing to stop selling 500ml cans of Tennent’s Super (9% abv). The Grocer understands plans for a further pledge on plastic bottles containing more than 15 units hit the rocks after suppliers threatened to sue the government on competition law grounds.