Humdinger has moved to reduce food waste by relaunching its Humzingers Fruit Sticks range in single-variant multipacks, dropping the variety format and eight flavours.

The supplier chose to ditch its mixed multipacks following consumer research that found strawberry and raspberry were the most popular variants. They have been kept, while the other, less popular flavours – apple, apricot, pear, plum, banana, cherry, tropical and blackcurrant – have been axed.

The revamped Fruit Sticks, which are targeted at one to five-year-olds, are rolling out now in Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose with fresh packaging.

“We’ve become aware that children don’t like all the flavours, and this highlights a concern about waste,” said Carl Widdop, brand manager at Humdinger.

The supplier has also refreshed the packaging on its Fruit Factory line-up, which includes Fruit Strings, Fruit Hearts, Fruit Stars and Fruit Wheels.

The change aimed to communicate the brand’s “strong health credentials more effectively”, Widdop added. “This exciting new packaging helps to greater highlight the brand’s personality. We’re looking for the packaging to appeal more strongly with families.”