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Women's toothpaste
Company: Kiss my face
Country: US

In the US, Kiss My Face has launched Women's Toothpaste, a certified organic product with aloe vera.

The company specialises in organic and all-natural formulations in personal care products. It launched organic toothpaste and mouthwash back in 2001, but this is the first time that the company has focused specifically on a product for women.

In addition to organic aloe vera, the toothpaste contains herbal ingredients including black cohosh, dong quai, Indian wild pepper, red clover, sage, horse chestnut, tea tree, and co-enzyme Q10.

The latter is an antioxidant commonly found in skin creams.

Described on-pack as being "balancing and supportive", the toothpaste is claimed to naturally combat dental plaque, tartar, bad breath, dental cavities, and gum problems. It is also said to use the latest nutriceutical and sublingual dental research to maximise the properties of its natural ingredients.

The package features the key ingredient, aloe vera, as well as an image of a health-conscious young woman engaged in what looks like yoga or tai chi. A 96g tube retails at about $4.50.

Natural and herbal toothpastes are by no means new, but this stands out with its female positioning. However, it begs the question of whether dental problems are really gender-specific. It would appear that the company is using ingredients that are recognised as having a female-orientation, or simply wellness ingredients that might be expected to appeal more to women. It is consequently positioning the product as a women's toothpaste in order to attract the target market.

It also raises a further question - is there an opportunity for an equivalent product for men? And if so, what appropriate ingredients might that contain? Ginseng or tongkat ali perhaps, traditionally associated with men's vitality?

David Jago, editorial director, Mintel's Global New Products Database