Homepride has entered the ambient soup market for the first time with the launch of Soup in a Bottle. In four traditional flavours ­ cream of tomato, cream of chicken, mediterranean vegetable and cream of mushroom (rsp £1.49), the soup comes in a resealable bottle and can be stored unopened in the cupboard. Once opened it has to be stored in the fridge. Alison Levett, managing director of Campbells, said: "This gives the consumer the total flexibility, enabling them to enjoy as much as they want, when they want. "The soup will be top-of-mind for consumers because of its storage in the fridge door, so it will encourage growth in the soup sector by its convenience and visibility," she added. Soup in a Bottle will be in direct competition with Heinz's Fridge Door, which was launched at the end of September. Soup in a Bottle will be backed by a £3m national advertising campaign on terrestrial television starting in November. The ads will feature a computer animated version of Homepride's Fred. It will be the first time in his 35-year history that the character will appear in 3D format. {{P&P }}