Tesco has listed UK mainland potatoes for the first time this season.

Tesco has listed Cornish new potatoes – the first of the UK mainland’s 2013 new potato crop.

Supplied by Branston, the potatoes have a soft, fluffy skin finish and went into Tesco in the South West this week (£2 for a 750g bag).

They are the second of the UK’s regional new potato crop to traditionally come to market – following the arrival of Jersey Royals earlier in the Spring. The Cornish crop benefits from the generally warmer climate on the south coast and high light levels.

The appearance of Cornish new potatoes was of significant importance to Tesco’s shoppers in the South West, who wanted a strong local offering in stores, said Andrew Blackett, Tesco category manager. “Our aim as a business is to offer the best in season to our shoppers.”

Tesco hoped to roll out Cornish new potatoes nationwide later this year, he added.

Meanwhile, Tesco brassica supplier TH Clements is braced to start supplying the first of its new season’s crops to the supermarket after a delayed start because of the cold spring weather.

Although supply is running around 10 to 14 days later than normal, cauliflower and broccoli are due to hit stores early next week, it said. “Although delayed, the quality of produce coming through is exceptional and we are looking forward to a really good season. The weather over the past week has certainly aided this,” said Clements commercial director Richard Mowbray.