Aunt Bessie's Stem Ginger Sponges

Aunt Bessie’s is gearing up for the colder months with a new selection of hot desserts.

The William Jackson Food Group frozen brand has unveiled a brace of pudding pots: Premium Sticky Toffee Pudding Pot and Premium Stem Ginger Pudding Pot - both of which are available in packs of two single-serve portions (rsp: £1.75/320g).

They are set to be joined on shelf by Raspberry Bakewell Sponge Pudding Pots (rsp: £1.25/180g) and a Mulled Fruit Pie for four people (rsp: £2/550g).

Rolling out later this week, the NPDs follow last year’s launch of single-serve pudding pots in Apple Crumble, Rhubarb Crumble and Chocolate Sponge variants - and they come after this summer’s redesign of the entire Aunt Bessie’s portfolio, with packaging sporting ‘bold colours’ and a makeover for the Aunt Bessie character.

The brand’s customers were “keen to treat themselves every now and then with a premium product”, said marketing director Lorraine Rothwell. “They’re also looking to reduce food waste and love the idea of having individual portion sizes,” she added.