The vegetable brand is expecting up to a 30% uplift in potatoes harvested this year

Mash Direct has reported that parts of the UK are set to experience a hugely successful potato harvest this year, despite the summer’s dry weather.

The prepared veg brand is expecting up to a 30% uplift in potatoes harvested this year, due to the “careful planting of the right varieties and a fortunate mix of sunshine and showers”.

This comes despite concerns from the wider industry that potatoes would be in short supply this year as they are a water-intensive crop. Tom Bradshaw, deputy president of the NFU, said he would be surprised if yields were “anything but well below average”.

The company, which grows six types of potato on its 1,600-acre farm, will continue to harvest into October and use the crop to create its potato products including Chilli Baby Bakes, Mashed Potato and Curry Chips.

“It’s been yet another tough year for everyone in the farming community, and not least for consumers too with rising costs on the horizon,” said Mash Direct chairman and founder Martin Hamilton. “That’s why we’re so pleased that our potato crop is a bumper one this year and we’re going to be able to deliver great value potato dishes to the UK retailers to sell around the country.”

The brand claims this will help potatoes to continue to offer a good value and sustainable carb option for families.

“Potatoes are so versatile and an ingredient we’re proud to have at the core of our offering of vegetable side dishes, and as we look ahead to autumn and winter we hope potatoes will be back on the menu for UK baskets in their droves,” Hamilton added.

It comes as the brand secured further listings in Tesco and Morrisons.

Morrison’s will list five Mash Direct products: Mashed Swede, Salt & Chilli Wedges, Chilli Baby Bakes, Crispy Vegetable Bakes and Red Cabbage & Beetroot in addition to the eight lines already ranged in Morrisons stores. Tesco will add its Balsamic Potatoes and Peri Peri Fries.