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Biome9 claims a UK first with gut health test and personalised supplement programme for dogs

Biome9 has raised more than £1m to expand its at-home gut microbiome testing service for dogs, with Warburtons boss Jonathan Warburton and former Pets at Home CEO Peter Pritchard taking part in the round.

The London-based startup launched in January and uses generative AI technology to offer what it claims is the UK’s first gut health test and personalised supplement programme for dogs.

Pritchard has also been appointed as chairman of the company’s advisory board following his investment. He will support the business in pursuing its vision of ‘precision pet health’, advising on product development, retail strategy and international expansion.

He joins other high-profile investors to the business, including Warburton and Richard Chapple, former CEO of THG Ingenuity.

“The investment is testament to the growing awareness of the need for Biome9 to support our dogs’ gut health,” said co-founder and CEO Asher Nathan.

“The mission for the business is to redefine pet health through the application of cutting-edge life sciences and bioinformatic AI. Understanding your pet’s microbiome is a great tool to understand sources of imbalance and how that may be affecting their wider health. We look forward to helping and supporting many pet owners in improving their pet’s health and wellbeing.”

Pritchard added: “I am delighted to be joining Biome9 as chair of the advisory committee. For many years I have worked to improve the health and wellbeing of pets. Understanding gut health is an exciting area of development, which I believe will unlock better health outcomes for the nation’s pets, helping pet owners make better decisions for feeding and caring for their pets. Biome9 is leading the way in this fast-developing area and I believe will revolutionise the way we think about food and nutrition.”

Warburton said: “Biome9’s potential is immense, tapping into a growing demand for personalised pet care, offering unique, science-backed solutions for dog owners.”

Biome9’s ‘InvisibleHealth’ AI takes two seconds to analyse more than one million data points from a dog’s sample, according to the business, which is backed by a team of scientists and vets.

TV vet Dr Joe Inglis, head of veterinary science & nutrition at Biome9, said: “Every dog is unique and now we have the science to help take the guesswork out of diet, nutrition and many other aspects of health. This simple at-home test is signalling a new era for how we look after our pets.”

Biome9 ‘GutDiscovery’ test kit costs £149, with nutritional programmes starting from £22 a month.