Source: Cano Water

The Cano Water rebrand includes more sustainable outercases

UK canned water market leader Cano Water has received multimillion-pound funding from investors including comedian Ricky Gervais as it refreshes its brand and plots global expansion.

The brand announced a “multimillion” pound investment backed by high-profile investors and celebrities as it launched new branding for its recyclable cans.

The new can is part of a wider brand refresh to supercharge the already exponential growth of the brand, which includes new, more sustainable outercases showcasing designs by artist Mick Brownfield.

Co-founder Josh White said: “This new can and new funding is at the heart of it, a symbol of progress – progress in terms of a change in taking on single-use plastic.

“We vowed to stop a billion single-use plastic bottles from entering landfill and oceans over the next 10 years. And it’s our customers’ continued support that is proving to us that we can turn the tide on single-use plastic.”

The investment will also support a major summer marketing campaign, national brand partnership and continued sponsorship of high-profile sporting and music events, including expansion into the global market.

It said the UK consumer’s appetite to move away from single-use plastic showed no sign of slowing, with 40 million cans of Cano Water sold globally to date and the category up 52% compared with pre-Covid levels. Some 75% of consumers now wanted single-use plastics banned, the brand said.

Cano Water is stocked in major retail outlets like Tesco through to premium hotels brands and on Virgin Atlantic flights, with new investment primed to help drive further national and global penetration.

Cano Water is sourced from a natural spring in the Austrian Alps and housed in an aluminium can the brand says is “the most recycled and recyclable packaging on the planet”.

Co-founder Perry Alexander added: “The brand has come a long way since launching back in early 2015. Our logo is now confidently front and centre with a clear hierarchy, accompanied by new design elements to complement it without compromising the clean, elegant look and feel.

“We initially set out to update the design without changing it – a design evolution.”