The packaging is great ­ the bright vibrant colours and strong fruit images would defiantly stand out on the shelf. Some of the fruits sounded strange ­ banana and kiwi were unexpected ­ and some of the colours were a bit alarming , but they work. The first one I popped open was the Indian Mango and Papaya. This went down well at breakfast, and my first impressions were of being on holiday. Very exotic, loads of flavour, and just what was needed for morning juice. Unfortunately it was rather thick, but the flavours were strong enough to combat this. If I closed my eyes drinking this, I could imagine foreign shores. This one didn't stay in the fridge long enough to say shiver me timbers'. At weekends my flat is like a B&B, with friends staying over, so we put the other varieties to test the morning after the night before. Kiwi was the first. Colour aside ­ deep green like something you'd give to children at a Hallowe'en party ­ what a taste! The best by far, light, refreshing and really tasty. Next up was the Star Fruit ­ great vibrant colour, but not artificial looking. Lighter than the mango juice, you could easily drink this morning, noon and night and not get bored. I finally opened ­ I'd been putting this off ­ the banana, and was pleasantly surprised. Although not our favourite, it wasn't the milk shake flavour we all were expecting. It was agreed that the juices would all be well used as a mixer for vodka, schnapps and the like, and would go well in exotic cocktails ­ if only we knew how to make them. Overall, it was good to see new varieties in the fruit juice category, and these look like they would give orange juice a run for its money. Make mine a kiwi on the rocks. {{P&P }}