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    The Grocer Guide To Bread & Baked Goods


    Although a challenging year for the category, bread & baked goods suppliers are optimistic that occasion-led and cross-category inspiration will continue to woo shoppers to the bakery aisle. Discover their thoughts on merchandising both brands and in-store bake off, and which flavours are wowing consumers in the ...

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    The Grocer Guide To Soft Drinks


    With the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, consumers are seeking comfort in accessible treats, as well as looking to take care of their mental and physical wellbeing. Find out how soft drinks suppliers are tapping into those needs, with nostalgic flavours and functional products leading the charge. This is ...

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    The Grocer Guide To Tobacco, Vaping & Accessories


    With the cost of living still high, value cigarettes and tobacco are continuing to take centre stage. However, with both of these sectors and vaping coming under increasing government scrutiny, the heat is on. Find out how suppliers are responding to the pressures currently knocking at the ...

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    The Grocer Guide To Snacking


    A combination of HFSS legislation and consumers’ interest in adopting healthier diets is leading to definite focus on the ‘better for you’ sector in snacking. Discover how suppliers are responding to those trends – and why Asian cuisine flavours are spicing up the category. This is an ...

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    The Grocer Guide To Frozen


    Shoppers, impacted by the cost-of-living crisis are looking to spend more time cooking and entertaining at home, so are seeking greater convenience and inspiration from the frozen foods sector. Discover how suppliers are stepping up to meet the challenge with affordable options that are also sustainable. This ...

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    The Grocer Guide To Alcohol & Low 2 No


    With pockets of excellence in the alcohol category, despite some flat performances, suppliers are looking to quality and flavour to entice cash-strapped consumers in the run-up to Christmas. Discover the key category drivers influencing purchase decisions and why low & no continues to excite interest. This is ...

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    The Grocer Guide To Christmas


    Celebration, indulgence and sharing are all key themes associated with Christmas, yet suppliers are all too aware that consumers are keeping a close watch on their spending this year, discover how they are meeting these differing needs and what they are providing for consumers.

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    The Grocer Guide To Household, Hygiene & Personal Care


    With consumers looking for simple sources of comfort in challenging times, discover the key drivers in the household hygiene and personal care markets and how social media is stimulating sales.

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    The Grocer Guide To Franchise & Fascia


    Acknowledging the difficult financial constraints faced by consumers, franchise & fascia groups are focused on helping their retailers bring added value to shoppers, but also retain healthy margins.

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    The Grocer Guide To Beer & Cider


    As summer approaches, beer & cider suppliers are relying on quality and innovation to fire up consumers’ interest and drive sales, with a focus on affordable indulgence, convenience and seasonality to the fore.

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    The Grocer Guide To Tobacco, Vaping & Accessories


    With further regulation bringing about more price rises for tobacco, suppliers are focused on the value end of the market. Meanwhile the vaping industry is tackling increased scrutiny and being urged to self-regulate.

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    The Grocer Guide To Breakfast & Brunch


    Demands for breakfast & brunch in a post-pandemic world extend beyond the busy on-the-go occasion to more leisurely at-home affairs, with consumers wanting healthy, convenient and indulgent options.

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    The Grocer Guide To Free From & Plant Based


    With inflation hitting the free-from and plant-based category as consumers look to tighten their purse strings, suppliers are realistic about performance potential over 2023, saying only the fittest will survive.

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    The Grocer Guide To Packaging


    Sustainability is firmly in the spotlight for packaging suppliers as they respond to customer and consumer pressure. However, supply constraints have made for a challenging year. Discover how suppliers are meeting these obstacles and why the expansion in e-commerce and q-commerce is driving NPD. This is an ...

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    The Grocer Guide To Petcare


    Despite the cost-of-living crisis, pet owners are reluctant to alter their pet food buying habits, treating their furry friends increasingly as an extension of the family. Find out how suppliers are catering to this demand, while being mindful of the inflationary pressures surrounding shoppers, as well as ...

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    The Grocer Guide to Cheese


    Despite the turbulence within the cheese category, suppliers have their eyes on the key drivers of convenience and snacking as a way to ride out the current inflationary environment, creating NPD to suit these needs. Discover how they are adapting to the current environment and how innovation ...

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    The Grocer Guide To Confectionery


    Discover how suppliers are responding to the market and what early impact HFSS legislation is having on shoppers’ buying trends in the category.

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    The Grocer Guide to Hot Beverages and Cold Brew


    With the resurgence of out-of-home drinks post-Covid, find out why suppliers’ eyes are now turned towards the at-home opportunity, in the UK over 2023 as inflationary pressures bite.

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    The Grocer Guide To Oils


    Despite the ripples within the oil supply, top suppliers are taking a new direction to support their growth plans, offering quality products in a big-value format, adapting their offers to meet challenging marketing conditions and retaining an unwavering focus on quality during tough times.

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    The Grocer Guide To Supply Chain


    The UK’s food and drink supply chain is still facing numerous challenges, with pressure coming from a variety of global and local factors. Yet logistics suppliers are working to tackle the issues they face, with increasing use of automation and digital technologies to optimise effiency and overcome labour shortages.