Milk dairy consumer shopping choice

Formidable health case

Sir, The Dairy APPG report (‘MPs call for 3 a day health push for dairy,’ 12 March, p42) is a welcome contribution to the debate on dairy and health. Milk and dairy products are packed full of nutrients, yet it seems that the nutritional benefits of dairy products and their role in a balanced diet are no longer obvious to consumers.

Through a 3 a day campaign we could remind consumers of the true benefits of dairy products and sustain long-term demand. The science that underpins the nutritional benefits is formidable.

While countries such as France, Canada, Australia and many more have had successful 3 a day programmes for years, dietary guidelines in the UK only tiptoe around the need for dairy consumption. PHE’s decision to reduce the dairy food group in the new Eatwell Plate disregards an ever-growing body of robust, science-based evidence that stresses the importance of dairy consumption at all ages.

It is baffling to see that our guidelines do not promote dairy as actively as other countries. Ensuring dairy products and their wealth of essential nutrients are put front and ­centre could really be as easy as one-two-three.

Judith Bryans, CEO, Dairy UK


Sir, We welcome the news that Wrap has set new targets (‘Courtauld 2025 targets 20% reduction in food waste and greenhouse gas cuts,’, 15 March). If it wants to achieve them, it needs to actively promote ‘greener’ ways of disposing of unavoidable food waste. If it doesn’t, such waste products like bones, tea bags and apple cores will continue to be incinerated or sent to landfill. We need to educate the nation that food waste can be used to generate electricity, create gas for the national grid and even produce fertiliser.

Paul Killoughery, MD, Bio Collectors

More than a store

Sir, The physical store is alive and well (January shopper footfall up, Media Bites,, 15 February). But it has also become a service centre, collection point and showroom. Oracle’s Retail Without Limits research revealed 62% of consumers still prefer to visit a store. The retailer’s goal now is no longer to make a sale there and then, but rather to give shoppers every reason to buy an item once they have found what they want, either in store or at a later time online.

Dusan Rnic, VP, Oracle Retail, UK & Ireland