Whitworths range shot with logo

Source: Whitworths

Whitworths has overhauled its packaging and created a ‘Be a nutrition magician’ slogan

Whitworths is gearing up to lobby the government to recognise dried fruit, nuts & seeds (DFNS) snacks and mixes as contributors to consumers’ 5 a day.

The brand is to publish an independent white paper later this year, highlighting the “far-reaching health benefits” of DFNS snacks.

The paper will underline the rich micronutrient and fibre content of DFNS, arguing they can deliver the same health benefits as fresh fruit & vegetables – and in a convenient and affordable format.

“By placing the spotlight on dried fruit, nuts and seeds as powerful sources of macro and micro nutrients – something deficient in most of the nation’s diets – millions of incremental usage occasions will be unlocked for the category, potentially revolutionising UK eating habits,” said Whitworths.

The opportunity for the market was “huge”, it added. If just one in four Brits started eating a 25g portion of nuts a day – at a cost of under 28p – it would deliver incremental value of £1bn for the DFNS category, Whitworths explained.

Dried fruit is already recognised as a contributor to the 5 a day, but NHS guidelines state it “should be eaten at mealtimes, not as a between-meal snack, to reduce the risk of tooth decay.”

As such, Whitworths’ white paper “will focus on nuts and seeds while trying to correct this inaccurate caveat for dried fruit”, said Whitworths commercial director Phil Gowland.

Ahead of publishing the white paper, Whitworths has unveiled a “transformational” redesign, which seeks to better communicate the “nutritional power” of its products.

Rolling into retailers now, the new-look packs span Whitworths’ core, Fusions, Shots, Gastro and Sunny Raisins ranges.

They seek to promote the brand’s lines as aids to boost the nutritional value of meals and snacks. The packs feature health claims associated with the product inside, such as ‘fight fatigue’ or ‘healthy heart’.

All lines also boast a new brand slogan, ‘Be a nutrition magician’, and a plus symbol to communicate the products can be added to meals.

The redesign will be backed by a £2m push.

“We’re very excited about the new positioning for two reasons,” said Gowland.

“Firstly, we hope the visibility and clarity of the new packaging will help consumers to discover more of our products and their substantial nutritional benefits in store.

“Secondly, we look forward to genuinely being able to support the improved mental and physical health of the nation by simply enjoying our nutrient dense dried fruit, nuts and seeds.”