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The Grocer

Ian covers Tesco and Asda among the major retailers, as well as suppliers including Unilever, P&G and Coca Cola. He's also our go-to guy for all issues related to health.

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  • Olympic hygiene deal aims to ward off E.coli Subscription

    17 Sep 2011

    Government fears that the Olympics will be hit by an E.coli outbreak have been used as evidence to help bring in sweeping new powers for local authorities over retailers.

  • Stephen Robertson Q&A: 'We need to address eyewatering rate rises and levels of regulation' Subscription

    17 Sep 2011

    Guest editor Stephen Robertson, director general of the British Retail Consortium, talks to Ian Quinn about the economic crisis, a government that has been all talk and a misfiring Fernando Torres

  • Tesco gears up for massive new pricing offensive Subscription

    21 Sep 2011

    Tesco is set to unveil a major shift in pricing strategy, as the UK’s largest supermarket gears up for a price war this Christmas. A dramatic new offensive – due to begin next week – could see it switch emphasis from promotions, which Tesco has reportedly come to see as unhealthy, to permanently low prices.

  • The Big Price Drop: Tesco unveils its £500m fightback Subscription

    22 Sep 2011

    Tesco is to plough £500m into a huge new offensive that will see 3,000 products slashed in price. The Big Price Drop launches on Monday, as predicted yesterday by The Grocer, kicking off what many expect to be a full-scale price war in the run-up to Christmas.

  • Tesco wages £500m Price Drop campaign Subscription

    23 Sep 2011

    Tesco was this week dramatically forced to reveal plans for a £500m price offensive, as details leaked of its strategy to hit back at rivals who have seized the initiative on price. Following a week of speculation, the supermarket...

  • The Green Issue 2011: Who’s got the greenest store? Subscription

    24 Sep 2011

    The supermarkets are trumping each other with state-of-the-art eco stores that cut energy bills and collect rainwater. But is the boom really just about a green image, asks Ian Quinn

  • Food waste isn’t fault of industry or shoppers Subscription

    26 Sep 2011

    After the government criticised the food and drink industry for its role in creating the UK's £12bn food waste mountain last week, new research from The Grocer reveals a lack of recycling facilities rather than confusion over date labelling is the...

  • Irn-Bru maker blames poor weather for flat profits Subscription

    27 Sep 2011

    The belated heatwave predicted for this week is coming too late for AG Barr, which today blamed poor summer weather as half-year profits remained largely static. Sales at the Irn-Bru and Rubicon maker were up 4% for the past six months to £124m, with sales up just over 5% for the second quarter.

  • P&G goes virtual to attract new recruits Subscription

    01 Oct 2011

    It’s been pitched as the perfect recruitment event for our cash-strapped times. Fmcg giant Procter & Gamble is holding a Virtual Career Fair on 3 November in a bid to attract would-be employees from across Europe. Students won’t have…

  • Suppliers fear the worst over Tesco's cuts Subscription

    01 Oct 2011

    Tesco’s new Big Price Drop offensive slashes the cost of 3,000 lines. Who’s going to pay - and how?