Wispa comeback
Cadbury is understood to be bringing back Wispa on a permanent basis following its return as a limited edition last year. Variants such as Wispa Gold could be reintroduced. 

Yumbles samples 
United Biscuits is investing £500,000 to support the launch of McVitie's Yumbles. It is teaming up with The Daily Mail to offer readers samples of the organic biscuit range. 

Intimate launch
Feminine hygiene business Lil-lets has launched sub-brand Harmony - a three-strong collection of intimate care products, including cleansing mousse and soothing patches. 

Backing the Trust 
AG Barr has announced a tie-up between its Strathmore Spring Water brand and youth charity The Prince's Trust. Bottles will carry the logo from July and details about the Trust. The brand will also provide water for fundraising activities throughout the year.