Exclusive Mary Carmichael Heinz is to add another colour to its tomato ketchup rainbow with the launch of a limited edition Wicked Orange Sauce only in the UK. It joins Eazy Squirt Tomato Ketchup, which comes in more orthodox red, and the Blastin' Green variant which was launched in the UK last July. Funky Purple is also available in the US. The latest splash of colour, which hits shelves from Monday, follows news that Heinz is to introduce chocolate flavoured chips to the US in May as part of a Funky Fries range. Also planned are sour cream and chives, cinnamon and Kool Blue bright blue chips as well as doughnut-shaped Crunchy RIngs. If successful, a UK launch could follow. Nutritionists, however, have criticised Heinz, saying that its burgeoning novelty range makes a fatty diet even more appetising to kids. Wicked Orange comes in brightly-coloured, 460g bottles ergonomically designed for kids, with an easy-to-open nozzle. The aim is to create fun, control and allow creative expression. Rsp: £1.29. "Innovation is the key to growth of the ketchup category," said general manager UK sauces Steven Turner. {{P&P }}