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Tackling plastic waste

Sir, Your article on Malaysia’s return of plastic waste (‘Malaysia’s return of plastic waste is a humiliation for government’) correctly shows the problems facing consumers when it comes to plastic packaging. The reality is there is still no guarantee their waste will be recycled.

Recently launched, the 3R Initiative brings together Nestlé, Danone, Tetra Pak and Veolia, in a bid to standardise and hasten efforts at tackling waste, plastic or otherwise.

The initiative will provide a crucial financial incentive for recovery and recycling of waste to support efforts in reducing the amount of waste that ends up in the environment.

Pedro Moura Costa, director of BVRio and co-founder of the 3R Initiative

Healthy diets in hospitals

Sir, In response to The Daily Bread: Why did it take a tragedy to prompt action on listeria, I was shocked to see how poorly equipped our healthcare system is when it comes to patient nutrition.

The western industrialised diet does not serve our digestion well even in the moderately healthy, let alone the elderly or ill. There is no place for it in our healthcare.

The health food and healthcare sectors need to work together. Perhaps localised trials of dietitian-led menus in hospital kitchens could be a good start, with measures to monitor patient recovery times.

If we can’t get healthy food right in hospitals and schools, where will we learn it?

Lily Simpson, founder, Detox Kitchen

Plant-based bottles

Sir, I read again in The Grocer and in general media about the war on single-use plastic bottles.

Single-use: the problem is in the name. Once the contents are drunk it is discarded. Sometimes the bottles go into the right place, but as we see a number of them end up in the streets, oceans etc.

I have talked over and over again about how plant-based bottles such as Eco for Life can help stem this issue. Plant-based alternatives are becoming popular not just in packaging but everywhere.

Lets hope that business starts to adopt planet before profit.

Mike Shore, managing director, Key Brands International