Clear Cap

Source: Lidl

Lidl has become the latest retailer to replace green caps on milk bottles with more easily recyclable clear ones.

The discounter has said it will permanently remove green coloured caps from semi-skimmed and organic fresh milk.

It follows similar moves by Aldi and Waitrose.

Lidl’s move – in partnership with its milk supplier Müller – follows a four-week trial, which took place in September of this year.

The new lids are set to roll out across all Lidl stores by 21 November.

Lidl said the rollout would enable 60 tonnes per year of recycled high-density polythene to be turned back into food-grade packaging, as the clear caps would be recycled to create milk bottles.

“We remain committed to supporting our customers in helping them make more sustainable shopping decisions on a daily basis,” said senior buying director Scott Davey.

“Customer feedback during the trial was overwhelmingly positive and we are thrilled to be making this change permanent across Lidl stores.

“In addition, this move will help us achieve our goal of making more of the plastic we use circular and fit to be repurposed time and time again.”

Wrap resource management sector specialist Adam Herriott said: “Changing the caps to a natural/non-pigmented HDPE will enable them to be recycled with the bottle and go back into food-grade applications, therefore able to be recycled multiple times into high-grade, high-value materials and products.”