Estrella Damm has given us a few high-budget short films before – starring Dakota JohnsonJean Reno and Peter Dinklage respectively. They may be pricey, but they confer a bit of class on a brand, as if it is somehow above regular ads.

Its new effort features Spanish pop star Bad Gyal, who we meet on tour in the neon loneliness of Tokyo. At her hotel, she listlessly checks out her social media, watching as a party unfolds on a catamaran off the coast of Barcelona. The food and beer looks great, though one guy seems nervous about being filmed.

BG immediately heads for home. This must be serious – a cheating boyfriend? Well, no. The boat belongs to her, and our nervous partier is a member of its crew. He’s rumbled. Which is quite serious – except Bad Gyal isn’t really bothered. The end. Cheers!

The lack of drama is the point, perhaps, but it still takes the wind out of this ad’s sails. More than anything else, it feels like an opportunity for Bad Gyal to show off the number of views her videos get, her boat, her shoe collection and her easy-going personality.