The first thing you wonder, if you’re watching the YouTube version of Burger King’s festive advert, is ‘what happens after the song finishes?’.

That’s because the eight-minute-long ad starts off as a parody of Chris Rea’s four-minute-long festive hit ‘Driving Home for Christmas’. The deliberately clumsily titled ‘Driving (thru the) Home (of the Whopper) for Christmas’ is performed by the stilted voice of a satnav. Instead of Rea’s tales of tailbacks, we get surprisingly precise directions to find a BK drive-thru, and suggestions about what to order.

There’s good news if you find this amusing: nothing happens after the song, because there is no ‘after’. It just keeps going and going, filling the time with more and more minutiae, until the idea’s welcome is a distant memory.

Perhaps it works better in cut-down form.