It’s six years, unbelievably, since Cadbury introduced us to the cute kid who wanted to buy her mum some chocolate – but could only pay in buttons and plastic coins.

The ad resonated, which is why the moppet is back as the chocolatier celebrates its 200th anniversary in 2024. But it’s not simply re-running the ad. Instead, we begin with mum catching a carriage back from work in 1824. Shot by shot, we advance through the years: as she meets her daughter the motor car has been invented, and as her tot heads into the shop she’s cranking up a Georgian phone booth.

With extreme CG cleverness, the backgrounds and chocolate packaging evolves around our young heroine and the shopkeeper as the familiar scene progresses, until she pops out to meet her mum – by now finishing her call on a smartphone, of course – and gift her the gift of Dairy Milk.

It’s a great way to underline the brand’s heritage, and retroactively apply the original ad’s sweet message. A spectacular way to celebrate a significant milestone.