HT range

Source: Homethings

DTC homecare disruptor Homethings has unveiled a new look for its cleaning range, in a bid to accentuate its sustainability credentials.

The makeover was intended to speak “directly to eco-active shoppers looking to make sustainable choices and to join in saying ‘no more plastic waste’,” said the brand.

It includes the introduction of Mop, an on-pack cartoon mascot that will also become prominent this year in Homethings’ marketing.

In addition, the new-look range of waterless, refillable and reusable cleaning products features colourful shapes that bleed over the sides of the packs. The design was “symbolic of the brand’s mission to do things differently and shake up the cleaning industry for good”, it said.

The refresh, undertaken in partnership with design studio Belief Machines, also sees Homethings’ logo flipped on its side – a change that “paved the way for bright colours to punch from the front of the pack, designed for maximum impact and on-shelf visibility”.

Shinythings dispenser

Source: Homethings

Homethings’ revamp is set to roll out online and into Waitrose, alongside new on-shelf ‘dispenser’ displays for single units of its various cleaning spray refills – which were available previously only in a three-pack.

Tim Keaveney, co-founder of Homethings, pointed to recent Kantar data showing only 25% of consumers regularly avoid plastic packaging. “This was a huge driver behind the rebrand, as it’s all about educating shoppers that there is a better alternative” to single-use plastic, he said.

“Likewise, our decision to introduce the single-tab dispensers is all about making refill more accessible and affordable. As the cost of living crisis continues, we want to do everything in our power to help people make better, greener choices – and stick to them.”

It comes after a fruitful 2022 for Homethings, which secured its nationwide listing with Waitrose along with a £250k share of the Sky Zero Footprint Fund sustainability initiative, and a Grocer Gold Award for startup of the year.