It’s tricky to market ‘cheap booze’, but Frosty Jack’s has come up with an ingenious approach: a cut-price celebrity brand ambassador.

Hans ‘The Hands’ Handerson is, as you might be able to guess, not known for his face. Instead, as we gather from a tour of his awards cabinet and a funny mash-up of movie clips, he’s a distinguished hand actor, able to communicate a vast range of emotions with a well-timed gesture.

Now Hans is turning his, er, hand to advertising, expertly swishing around a glass of cider, before offering an emphatic point at the can from which it was poured. Poetry.

It’s a funny, original alternative to a collection of shots of liquid being poured into chilled glasses. And the ‘We save on our celeb endorsements so you save money on our cider’ line is simple and strong.