With its great rival Coke rolling out its big trucks and Sundblom Santa, Pepsi is inclined to do things a bit differently when it comes to Christmas.

In an ingenious bit of brand partnering, it’s teamed up with Lindsay Lohan – who comes with some more modern-day festive associations: that ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ scene in Mean Girls, plus a new film, Netflix’s Falling for Christmas.

A few controversies give her a bit of edge, too, which Pepsi is making the most of by having her plug outrageous ‘Pilk and Cookies’ – a festive treat here apparently invented by Santa, who tops up his Christmas Eve glass of milk with, yep, Pepsi. Lohan gives it a try and huskily concludes “that is one dirty soda, Santa”.

Cue tonnes of revulsion/approval (ie engagement) on social media – and at least a few people giving ‘Pilk’ a try.