McVitie’s has enjoyed some success with animal adverts, with its recent Sweeet campaign ramping up the cute level to ‘merciless’. Now, in a new promo for its Jaffa Cakes Nibbles pouches, it’s turned to a more sinister creature.

Admittedly, Nibbles the pygmy goat is still pretty adorable - for an animal associated with the devil. But the ways in which she manifests, popping up unexpectedly to bleat ‘whaaaaat?’ at JCN munchers, has a faint air of horror movie about it.

The ad’s contention that the treats are ‘impossible to describe’ is a bit of a reach. It’s beyond TOWIE star Joey Essex, who our heroine meets - but this ad is more likely to be memorable for its (four-legged) star than its attempt to spark debate.