The Olympics might not be taking place this year, but Müller is continuing to show off its athletic associations. And why shouldn’t it? Keeping healthy hasn’t become any less important, and the ad is a chance to pay tribute to heptathlete Katarina Johnson-Thompson, who has become world champion since her last Müller ad.

KJT’s new status is acknowledged in the first frame here, as, in full gladiator-queen get-up, she poses with a golden javelin at an imagined early Olympics. She tucks into a spoonful of Greek-style Luscious Lemon yoghurt, while a voiceover casually mentions it’s “fat free”.

As you can imagine, this causes consternation among the crowd, whose reaction shocks a hunky discus thrower into lobbing his projectile at a pompous dignitary. In a very children’s TV move, it slices open his gown to reveal some embarrassing underpants with hearts on them. It’s so corny it’s strangely reassuring.