Estrella Damm has enjoyed brand awareness-raising success with two short films starring first Dakota Johnson, then Jean Reno. Now it’s back with a third, La Vida Nuestra (Our Life), featuring Game of Thrones’ Peter Dinklage.

Dinklage appears as movie character Chad Johnson PI, whose corny cop movies are enjoyed by the film’s protagonist, Anton (Álvaro Cervantes). Anton is working his dream job in Amsterdam, but is temporarily back in his beautiful Spanish hometown to sell his boat (like you do).

Anton meets up with his best pal and his ex, whose new relationship triggers an emotional crisis. Fortunately, spiritual guide Chad shows up to whisk Anton through a series of memories, A Christmas Carol-style. The film’s resolution is original and even a little moving – which is balanced perfectly by Dinklage, who brings laughs as well as his star power.

As ever, the beer itself plays a minor role, which shows confidence on the part of Estrella Damm, which will reap rewards by being associated with such a fancy production – and by being able to engage with online viewers.

Engaging and enjoyable, it’s another hit.