Warburtons latest big-name ad is here at last. But can Robert De Niro live up to the standards set by Sly Stallone and Peter Kay?

In a word, yes. Dense with jokey references to De Niro’s film output (and Bananarama), the ad sees Bobby bust into Jonathan Warburton’s office to menace him over his ‘best bagel’ claims. De Niro and his shady associates aren’t happy, detailing their plan to pinch Warburtons’ finest, relabel them ‘Goodbagels’ and – via nefarious means – corner the market, crowning De Niro as ‘the new boss of Bolton’.

Warburton mistakes the whole plan for a movie pitch – unsurprisingly, so well-worked are some of the cinema references (the ad makers have clearly studied their Scorsese). And playing up New Yorker De Niro’s passion for bagels makes much more sense than it did to link The Muppets with massive crumpets, too.