Yorkshire Tea’s ads starring the Brownlee brothers, Michael Parkinson and the Kaiser Chiefs were a roaring success in 2017. Can two more stars from God’s County keep the momentum going?

Magician Dynamo is put to good use in the brand’s warehouse, saving time and forklift fuel by levitating his way around the high shelving. His wizardry looks a bit less impressive on TV (where we’re used to seeing special effects) but his deadpan interplay with a down-to-earth colleague provides a valuable comic edge.

Funnier still is Sean Bean’s contribution. He’s shown passionately motivating colleagues in an induction session, using a makeshift sword to underline his genuinely rousing speech.

As before, it’s great fun and reminds viewers of the brand’s roots. Speaking of which, how about Joe Root for the next one? Or Jodie Whittaker! Ian McMillan? Eliza Carthy, perhaps…