Eblex has developed a new app that makes it easier for meat buyers in retailers and food service companies to order specific meat cuts from their suppliers.

The move is part of Eblex’s campaign to promote new, unusual cuts of beef, lamb, veal and mutton, and to encourage retailers and those in the food service sector to stock a wider variety of cuts.

The app goes live for Apple iOS and Android tables and smartphones on 17 March, and is free of charge. It is based on Eblex’s latest Meat Purchasing Guide, which features 450 different cuts and cutting specifications.

App users will be able to view pictures and specifications for each individual cut, and can then use the app to send an email to order the cuts direct from their supplier, with detailed cutting instructions included. The app also outlines indicative cooking instructions for different cuts, offers a note-taking function, and can be personalised to include orders for poultry and fish at the same time.

There was an ever-growing variety of cuts to choose from, but meat buyers still often had to rely on their suppliers to tell them what was available, said Eblex business development manager Dick van Leeuwen. The new app would help remove this barrier: “With this app, you – the buyer – can tell your supplier exactly what you want from him and how he should cut it, and you can check afterwards that you’ve received exactly what you ordered.”

By asking suppliers to work according to the step-by-step cutting instructions featured in the app, buyers could also ensure cuts were prepared consistently and to the same standard every time, van Leeuwen added.

New cuts highlighted by Eblex in the app and its latest Meat Purchasing Guide include the flat-iron and the picanha steak as well as a number of new lamb roasts, including smaller options to cater for single-person households. The guide also features veal cuts for the first time in response to growing interest in British rose veal from retailers.