Porky Whites

Source: Porky Whites Ltd

The Surrey-based sausage brand was saved by its founding family back in November

Porky Whites is set to roll back onto shelves in Sainsbury’s as the sausage brand continues its turnaround after the collapse of its parent company last year.

The Surrey-based brand, which was saved by the founding White family in November, is now trading under the name Porky Whites Ltd after G White & Co was placed into administration during the same month.

The name change means the company has had to re-apply for a supplier number and a re-listing with Sainsbury’s, a process MD Fran White said was slowed by the Christmas period.

She said a re-launch date for regional listings in Sainsbury’s was expected “any day now”, with similar deals with Tesco, Morrisons, Asda and Waitrose already completed.

“We’ve been through a really difficult time. We’re going into our third month of trading as Porky Whites Ltd and we’ve stabilised the business,” White added.

“We’re very confident in what we’re doing – we’re forward-thinking and looking at changing a lot.”

Part of this forward-thinking approach had been encapsulated by Porky Whites’ taking out of a trademark for a plant-based sausage line, she said.

It registered the name ‘Veggie Whites’ with the Intellectual Property Office on 6 January, with a view to potentially launching a product this year.

“We’re all very aware of where the market’s going and are in early-stage discussions with some strategic partners,” said White. “Hopefully we could bring a bespoke branded product to shelves.” 

Other projects the company is undertaking include more of a push into both wholesale and foodservice.

It marks a significant turnaround for a business that came close to the brink in November 2019 after an own-label sausage supply deal with a supermarket quickly turned sour.

Pulling out of the contract led to a dispute with the retailer over a loss of profit claim – a development that had a major impact on the company’s bottom line and saw it lose its banking facilities.

This situation had been alleviated after a “really encouraging” first 10 weeks of trading, which had seen “some lines of credit appearing”, according to White.