Shoppers who want to support the armed forces by tucking into Britain’s newly crowned ‘best branded sausage’ will find it easier to find the banger in South East Asia than South East England - because Malaysia is the only place it’s gained a listing in a mult.

Malaysian retailers are set to beat the Brits to become the first to sell Best of British, a sausage from Aldershot butcher A Turner & Sons that received a gold award for best branded sausage at the Bpex British Sausage Week Legendary Banger awards in November.

The company is a long-term supporter of the Help for Heroes charity and donates 5p of each pack sold to the charity, but despite plenty of interest from UK buyers, the protracted listings process in the UK multiples means A Turner & Sons’ prize winning sausage is not yet on sale in a British supermarket.

Proprietor Paul Turner said two of the UK mults had told him he would have to wait until the after new year until range annual reviews took place and any listing could be considered.

However, a Malaysian supplier has placed an order and plans to sell the sausages, in frozen form, into around 300 retail outlets throughout Malaysia mainly to cater for the British ex-pat community.

The first shipment was due to be flown out to Malaysia on Friday (9 December). “It strikes me a little funny that the sausages that were voted Britain’s best brand will only be available in Malaysia,” said Turner.

He added that the Malaysian supplier was also interested in placing an order for Turner’s Hair of the Hog and Pickled Pig sausages, which contain pork marinated in beer.

The Best of British sausages were sold in Tesco for a four week period in the summer, before they were crowned best branded sausage. During their period in Tesco, £4,448.52 was raised for Help for Heroes. The only place the Best of British sausages are currently sold is in Turner’s Aldershot butchers’ shop.