The Grocer revealed in April this year that Morrisons’ new loyalty scheme would be called Match & More.

We suggested at the time not only would this be the name of the scheme, but it was also likely to invole an element of price-matching.

In April, the retailer registered the name with the Intellectual Property Office under four classes. These included apparatus for the recording and transmission of data; encoded or magnetic cards; vouchers; coupons; operation and supervision of customer loyalty schemes and the issuing and redemption of tokens of value and vouchers in relation to loyalty, bonus and incentive schemes.

A spokesman said at the time it was trialling several names and offers

The new Morrisons Match & More price-matching and loyalty scheme has been a closely guarded secret for several months, with trials taking place in stores in East Anglia.

Not all the features of the final scheme were available to shoppers in the trial stores - the trial did not include price matching of the discounters, for example.

Despite this, the results had beaten expectations, said group marketing director Nick Collard. He added Morrisons had put “more research into this project than anything we’ve ever known.” The trial stores are now making up the first wave of the full rollout of the scheme, which kicks off this week.

During the trials several shoppers took to to express frustrations with the scheme. “I have tried to register online as it states on my receipt and on the leaflet but alas this seems impossible,” said one poster. Another added: “My card arrived today, inside was also a little book of extra vouchers, half of them are already out of date.”

A Morrisons spokesman said the point of the trials was to iron out any such glitches.