Yogurt brand leader Müller plans to do to yogurt's image what Häagen-Dazs did to ice cream's in a new umbrella campaign for its brands. It has just revealed the first ad in a £10m series across its product portfolio this week and it's rather raunchy. Set on a plane, it features a young woman who prefers her Müllerlight yogurt to the chance to join the Mile High Club with her boyfriend. He accidentally drags the stewardess off instead. The strapline is: There's mile high love ... and then there's Müller love.' Other executions sharing the theme of consumers' love for Muller products are planned for the summer. The company has dubbed it a summer of Müller love'. So far this year, the Müller Corners, Müllerice and Müllerlight ranges have been extended, and Müller Vitality pro-biotic yogurts have been launched. Md Ken Wood said the campaign fulfilled the company's commitment to update, refresh and improve marketing support. The company claims that value sales for Müller rose by 34% to £279m last year, while Müllerlight grew by 50% to £96m. {{MARKETING - P&P }}