This year was the biggest yet for promotions in supermarkets - with pasta and pasta sauces no exception.

Overall the number of featured space deals has grown 13% from 914 last year to 1,029. Four of the big five increased the number of featured space deals run on pasta and pasta sauces and Morrisons’ activity remained virtually unchanged.

Among the most heavily promoted brands, market leader Dolmio loomed largest, running 40% more deals than last year and ramping up the average saving from 90p (33%) to £1.18 (46%), although this did not prevent sales falling 2.5% in value and 14.1% in volume [SymphonyIRI].

The opposite was true for Buitoni, which increased deals by a higher percentage than any other top brand - 51% to 116 - and grew 73% in value and 74% in volume.

In terms of the preferred mechanics, multibuys have been pared back in favour of price cuts. Across the big five, half-price deals have almost tripled in frequency, from 161 to 461, as bogofs and x-for-y deals fell 52% and 63%, respectively. Half-price and ‘save’ now account for 77% of all deals in pasta & pasta sauces.