What's your favourite restaurant? The Dove House in Eye, Suffolk; sadly it has recently shut down, but it served the finest Indian cuisine I have ever had in England.

What would you request as your final meal?

Dal Makhani with chiapatis made by The Dove House's chef.

Have you ever sent back or complained about a meal? In Vietnam I ordered what appeared to be a boiled egg. However it contained a cooked - chick. I just couldn't.

What's your favourite tipple? Aspall Premier Cru Suffolk Cyder, but if I can't name my own it would be Black Isle Brewery's Organic Blonde.

What's your fantasy car... and what do you drive? I'm in love with my current car - a 1993 Porsche 928 GTS.

What are you reading at the moment? 'The Maze' by Panos Karnezis and 'Mindfulness and Money' by Dominic Houlder and Kulananda Houlder.

What gadgets do you carry? I only carry a mobile phone.

The last film you saw? The Motorcycle Diaries; it was excellent on many different levels and evoked flashbacks of my bike trip through India.

What are your pet hates? Any person or organisation that fails to take accountability for their mistakes. Bad directions and signposting.

What would you rescue from your house if it was burning down? My books.

What was the most embarrassing moment of your professional life? Opening my briefcase in a meeting to find a very camp leather beret on top of my files. There was a good reason - honest!

Do you prefer rugby, football or cricket? Football.

What's your motto for life?

Understand all, forgive yourself nothing.