Hybrid Booze

Two new spirits brands are stepping beyond traditional categories with their NPD.

Cadello has launched an eponymous tipple (33% abv) billed as being between vodka and rum. It is made with eight ingredients infused into grain alcohol, which is then blended in oak barrels with coffee beans.

Cadello’s drink has rolled into online retailer Honest Grapes (rsp: £30/70cl).

The Ncn’ean Whisky Company has unveiled Ncn’ean Botanical Spirit, a 40% abv spirit made with a base of Ncn’ean’s double-distilled new-make whisky, redistilled with botanicals.

A run of 5,000 bottles has rolled into The Whisky Exchange (£27.95/50cl).

The NPD was “a striking marriage of flavours typically found in whisky and gin”, said Ncn’ean, with “creamy, nutty barley notes with grapefruit herbs and sour berries”.

Millennial drinkers were “increasingly eager” to try new products such as hybrids that offered an alternative to traditional spirits choices, it added.